Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back To Square One

My grandson is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The MD's thought that his lung had sealed but it didn't; or there is another new pneumothorax. So he is back under the oxygen tent and his respiration rate is elevated. The NICU gets a case of this every week so the staff is not particularly concerned about this. But we are.

In addition, he has a moderate case of hyperbilirubinemia. This is also fairly common amoung new borns.

But according to the nurses he seems exceptionally physically strong for a newborn. When I saw him he has very broad shoulders and a deep chest - looked more like a two month old. My wife accompanied our daughter to the NICU this evening while I stayed home with Dad and the other grandkids and fixed their computer - it had a few nasty bugs. My daughter is getting worried and wants her baby home.

Plus the OB-GYN said something really stupid to her which set both my wife and the attending nurse practioner's teeth on edge. I think I would have slapped her. She insinuated that my daughter is at fault for this since she didn't have a C-Section. Of course the doctors get more money for that. I'm pissed.


Cookie..... said...

You should be pissed, and a complaint should lodged against the nurse. BTW, there is a prayer or two coming for your new grandchild.

Subvet said...

Yep, prayers on the way.

As for the OB-GYN, hopefully there are others your daughter can take her business to.