Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dress Rehearsal?

Scriptures are replete with dire warnings of the Last Days when a world united under the Anti-Christ will attack Israel and current events always follow in the footprints of Scriptural prophesy.

It does not surprise me that immediately after Israel uses necessary and sufficient physical force to protect its borders from terrorists we see carefully orchestrated choruses of international outrage bellowing for Israel's head on a platter.
As we approach the End Days we will see more and more of this for Israel is the canary in the mineshaft vis a' vis the end of God's patience with Man. It will culminate at Megiddo - Armageddon.
In a Jerusalem Post article we read that the Turkish navy may be preparing to accompany new elements of the terrorist flotilla approaching Gaza. It is not likely that this will be a flash point for a war, but it is a harbinger of worse things to come. Israel's enemies are emboldened by the weakness of the West and the duplicity of Obama and his leftist cronies. But this is in God's will, and we should not be dismayed.


Anonymous said...

It's difficult to disagree with you.

Mope said...

Hey Sig-

Here's something to contemplate...

Blah blah blah on the flotilla, then this:

Both militaries are apparently trying to steer clear of the political fray, and avoid damaging their partnership. There is also the question of how long the Turkish General Staff (TGS) will tolerate PM Erdogan's efforts to erode the nation's secular traditions. While General Basbug and his predecessor have generally followed Erdogan's party line on such issues as EU membership and Turkish sovereignty, many senior members of the TGS are uncomfortable with the PM's Islamist leanings and rhetoric.

In the aftermath of the Gaza incident, the military quickly announced that no Turkish warships would accompany the next "aid" flotilla that sails to the waters off Gaza. That was a clear reminder that the TGS remains the kingmaker in Turkish politics, and their are limits to its patience and cooperation in Mr. Erdogan's various schemes.
ADDENDUM: To be sure, there is a current "chill" in military relations between the Turks and the Israelis. Scheduled joint exercises have been cancelled and the IAF probably won't fly from Turkish bases anytime soon. But no one has even remotely suggested that the two countries end their military cooperation, a reminder that the TGS has ultimate veto authority over any changes in government policies.

Hmmm... could this all just be a ploy to use 'The Northern Route' to attack Iran's nukes? Saudi Arabia has been silent on all of this, as well. Could they be in on it?

Then this:

"While the flotilla was an easy target, sailing openly on top of the water to bring building supplies, medicines and foodstuffs to Gaza, its cargo had been checked by Turkish authorities before sailing and verified as not containing any weapons. By stark contrast, Israel reportedly just deployed its nuclear-armed submarines. The Israeli submarines are also said to be in international waters, but they are armed with nuclear missiles, the very existence of which are secret. Unlike the humanitarian boats that its commandoes attacked, Israel operates its nuclear submarines secretly, but they are believed to be somewhere in the deep water off the coast of Iran."

"Last year, Israel has received two more German built Dolphin class submarines, giving it a total of five (the others were received 9-10 years ago). The older boats have since been upgraded to include larger fuel capacity, converting more torpedo tubes to the larger 650mm size, and installing new electronics. The fuel and torpedo tube mods appear to have something to do with stationing the subs off the coast of Iran. Larger torpedo tubes allow the subs to carry longer range missiles. The larger fuel capacity makes it easier to move Dolphins from the Mediterranean to the Indian ocean. Although Israel has a naval base on the Red Sea, Egypt had, until recently, had not allowed Israeli subs to use the Suez canal. So the Dolphins were modified to go around Africa, if they had to. But now the Egyptians, who are also feuding with Iran, regularly allow Israeli subs to use the canal."

sig94 said...

Nickie - of course you can disagree. Right now it hard to figure out what is really going on through all the chaff being ejected from each governments spin doctors.

sig94 said...

Mope - I've been on YIM lately but don;t see you active.

Turkey's politicians are playing to the crowd. Once the grown ups have had enough they'll chill quickly enough. But the rheotoric will continue. They need to keep their base enraged so that they realize just how badly their leaders are screwing them.