Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Prayer: Lord God, Keep The Israelis In Israel

My daughter is just about through with her training as an Army translator for Standard Arabic. She spent almost a year at American University in Cairo and traveled to other countries while there. Her younger sister joined her twice, once for a week in Egypt (interrupted by a severe case of food poisoning - there are a paucity of health regulatory agencies in Egypt) and then six months later another week in Israel.

They both can't wait to get back to visit Israel and want my wife and I to go with them. Neither wants to step foot in Egypt ever again. My younger daughter actually cried upon landing in Boston after flying home from Egypt - she was so glad to be back in the US.

As my Army daughter says, the Egyptians have had Egypt for over three thousand five hundred years and it is a smelly shithole. The Israelis have had Israel for sixty years and it is a garden.

Helen Thomas obviously wants Palestine to remain a rat infested shithole because wherever the Jews land, things flourish. Wherever Palestinians go, a shithole emerges surrounded by eruptions of death and violence.

For a more graphic comparison, look at the Google image below of southern Israel and the Gaza Strip. Guess which side is Gaza.

The blue area is obviously the Mediterrean Sea. The green rectangles and circles are in Israel. You see the same land formations while flying over America's Mid West. These are farms.

The sandy gray rubble is Gaza. The US pours almost a half billion dollars a year into Gaza and the West Bank. Other nations pour additional hundreds of millions of dollars.

From The Congressional Research Service:

Since the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993 and the establishment of limited Palestinian self rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1994, the U.S. government has committed over $3.5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians. Since the death of Yasser Arafat in November 2004, U.S. assistance to the Palestinians has been averaging about $400 million a year.

During the 1990s, U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinians averaged approximately $75 million per year. Despite more robust levels of assistance this decade, Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Hamas’s heightened role in Palestinian politics have made it more difficult to implement effective and lasting aid projects that serve U.S. interests.

Palestinian leaders basically steal this money and use it to stay in power. Arafat had over a hundred million dollars in his private bank accounts - that is the reason for all the confusion surrounding his death: his wife and other arab ghouls were fighting over the cash.

And you wonder how they afford all those thousands of rockets they fire at the Israelis?

I guess Helen Thomas hates green.


Cookie..... said...

TSK TSK TSK Sig! Just think of all those Palestinians y'all just offended. And Helen Thomas, well sir, she was an Ace of a person (opps did I say ace, I meant ASS!)

Good read mate. Been in Egypt and your daughter is correct. The only things worth seeing are the pyramids and a few other sites. The rest is, as she so eloquently stated, "is a shithole."

Subvet said...

I've also been in both countries, there is absolutely no comparison.

As a personal example, AA meetings are held only in foreign embassies in Egypt. In Israel they're held wherever anyone wants to allow them (although coffee at the Israeli meetings S-U-C-K-S! But the smoking hot blonde I met made up for that.)

Give me Israel anyday of the week.

Cookie..... said...

Hey "Subvet", doesn't sound like you were "wurk'n yur program" at that meeting... ;-)

I recall one of the first lessons my sponsor ever geve me; "You can't screw sobriety into anyone!"


Subvet said...

Cookie, it's all about progress and not perfection!

Cookie..... said...

LOL, ya got me on that point matey!! :-)

sig94 said...

Came to this one rather late. Guess I'll stay out of it too!
Though when I was drinking far too many "smokin' hot" at 0200 were "chew my arm off so she doesn't wake up" at 0800.

Cookie..... said...

**Sigh**, been there, done that "Sig". Been there, done that. Although once (and unfortunately only once), woke up with one hell of a cougar....GRRRRR!

Subvet said...

Until I sobered up, I never understood how at two a woman would look like a "10" but the next morning at ten she'd look like "2".

sig94 said...

Remember how the cop groupies used to have such wicked nicknames? The Hudson Street Hornet...

Cookie..... said...

Whoa! "The Hudson Hornet". Haven't heard that name fer quite a spell. Fortunately I was always smart enough to either not answer any calls that were dispatched to her house address, or, when I was a Sgt., would send someone else.

Do you recall Rowands old girlfriend "Big Tits". Here he was spouting the bible and working toward being a minister WHILE he was messing around on his wife with that hog. I can recall a few other nicknames for some of those groupies as well, but they aren't printable.

SoCalOilMan said...

Back on topic.

half billion dollars a year to the Palestinians and they produce nothing. A good example of welfare.

We just give them the money and make no demands nor have any control on how it's spent.

Anonymous said...

how do you feel about the fact that Israel has a strong national healthcare plan ? or that women must ride in the back of some buses ? Or that Israel has a higher rate of abortion than the USA. More Jews leave Israel than immigrate there, the big danger to Israel is that the Arab population is 25% and growing at 1% per year. Do the math and figure out when they will be the majority.

Elwin said...

"As my Army daughter says, the Egyptians have had Egypt for over three thousand five hundred years and it is a smelly shithole. The Israelis have had Israel for sixty years and it is a garden."

Yeah, I know I'm late to this post, but I gotta' say that your daughter's statement is dead on...