Thursday, October 30, 2008


Graphic and story from Iowahawk

I am Joe. I also was a plumber of sorts. Instead of sewer pipes, I crawled around in cesspools of human depravity.

I did not unclog waste lines, I tried to unravel the mess that human beings make of things. I collected smears of brain matter and bone fragments. I photographed people who had been turned into pork rinds by fire. And I am truly pissed.

We are just starting to get a good idea of the immense political muckraking machine that lept into action as soon as some poor schmuck spoke out of line to the Annointed One in Ohio.

I am appalled at the misuse of government databases in this thinly disguised attempt to discredit and humiliate a private citizen. I use government databases at work and if I were to go on a curiousity jaunt through any of them without a legitimate reason, I could be arrested. Cancel that, I would be arrested.

The American public would have been much better served if the media had spent a tenth of the time vetting Obama as they have ripping Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher apart. There is much we do not know about the democratic candidate for President and this information is not forthcoming. The media should have vetted Obama as they did everyone else who has an "R" after their name.

But instead, we have been subjected to a never ending stream of irrelevant crap about people who cannot effect the way we live or how well we will survive the next few years.

Joe Wurzelbacher will not determine whether or not I will be able to deduct my 401k contributions from my gross income next year.

Joe will not be deciding whether or not to deploy troops to some future terrorist-ridden hell hole.

Joe will not have a say on whether or not the subprime mortgages will be allowed to continue to poison the equity markets.

Whether or not Joe has a good year will not determine how much I can help my youngest child meet her college costs.

I don't care if Joe hung around with murderous anarchists or if he screwed the pooch with a multimillion dollar education grant or if his pastor for twenty years hates America. Joe is not running for the highest elected office in the land.

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