Friday, October 31, 2008

Background Investigations For Most Jobs Except...

Most organizations do background checks for their prospective employees. If you slide an employment application across the table to an HR guy, he is going to pass it on so you can be "vetted" as they say in the trade. At a minimum they will look for a criminal history, financial history and your academic history. If you aspire to a job where you will be doing confidential work or have access to confidential/secret information, the process is expanded to include your entire history: your friends, your neighbors, every place you've ever lived, every job you ever worked, every school you attended and your performance there, every moving violation ticket you ever got, your mortgage and credit history - the list goes on and on.

This is what my daughter is now going through for her clearance. I went through something similar years ago for my cop job.

But not Obama. Not for the highest elected position in the United States. Not for a person who aspires to have access to all our secrets. Read this post from sohos.

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