Friday, October 17, 2008

The Polls

There is something interesting about the latest AP/YAHOO poll posted on the front page of today's Drudge Report (10/17/08).

AP/YAHOO Poll of 873 Democrats; 650 Republicans shows OBAMA 44%, MCCAIN 42%...

The math works out this way:

A total of 1,523 people were polled: 873 Democrats and 650 Republicans. This breaks out to 57% Democrats and 43% Republican.

Yet Only 44% of the sample population voted for Obama - this works out to 670 for Obama and 640 for McCain with 17% (213) not voting for either one or undecided.

While the Republican percentage of the sample voting for McCain holds true for the total sample percentage, 43% vs. 42%, the Democratic side of the equation is definitely weaker, 57% vs. 44%, voting for Obama.

It may not mean a blessed thing and I am not going to try to determine what the party affiliations of the undecided are from the link (good luck if you're that ambitious); but like I said, it is interesting.

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