Monday, October 13, 2008

Home On The Range

I took a little time and went to the range this weekend. I put 150 rounds through the Kimber and never again will I buy Wolf ammo.

I have been packing a sidearm since 1973 - revolvers and autoloaders of just about every caliber and make. I wore a S&W Model 4506 stainless for almost ten years as a duty weapon and threw thousands of rounds through it.

I have never seen a weapon get as filthy from gunpowder residue as my .45 Kimber Custom stainless shooting Wolf full jacketed round nose ammo. What is with this funky crap? I never shot it before and never will again.

Add I forgot to mention this. I had two rounds that refused to feed properly. I have used five different automatics (three .45's, one 9mm and a .25) and never had this happen, not even a stove pipe jam.

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