Friday, October 12, 2007

VA Hospital Care

John DiBello is my father in law. For the past week he has been in the local VA hospital after he fell while on an escalator at the mall. Complications from the fall have seriously degraded his condition because of his congestive heart failure and renal failure. Yesterday they put him in the ICU. He is 81 and has had CHF for the past 21 years. We just got home from the hospital and I wanted to say the following.

I don't think I have seen a finer staff of doctors and nurses than the ones at the Syracuse VA Hospital. They are outstanding, simply outstanding. They are supportive of us as Dad's immediate family and the staff go out of their way to inform us of what they are doing, why they are doing it and to answer any questions we may have.

I have read so many criticisms of the health care provided by the Veteran's Administration and I hope they are not true because our vets deserve the very best. But after seeing the level of care and commitment offered at this facility, I wonder if some of this criticism is not politically motivated.

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