Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prayer Works

Thank you all for your prayers. God inhabits the prayers of His people.

We left the VA hospital earlier this evening feeling a lot more hopeful. Dad is coming around a bit. He is much more alert; the nurses are surprised at how well he is doing. His heart has been stable and they are even considering taking him off the respirator. He still needs dialysis though but we are hopeful that perhaps his kidneys may kick back in a little. He'll be in ICU for a while longer while they monitor his condition.

This doesn't mean that his heart is now healthy or that his kidneys are any better. They're not. But we may have a bit longer with him before God calls him.

The doctors and nurses have been outstanding. I can't express how much we appreciate the staff at the Syracuse VA Hospital.

We are now considering what to do with his apartment. He will probably never be able to live alone as he was doing so there is a lot to be done.

Again, thank you for your prayers.

18 OCT 07 - Praise God, Dad continues to improve. They took him off the respirator (extubated him - my wife confuses it with excavate - the backhoe might be a little rough on him!) and he is breathing all on his own. He is very alert, his mind is clear, his blood pressure is good and he is much more comfortable; with the tube out of his chest he can now talk. He doesn't remember much of the past two weeks and we're thankful for that. The pain meds made him really loopy and he thinks he was hallucinating a bit. It still looks like he'll require dialysis three times a week for the time being. We'll take it.

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