Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Want One A These

It looks like the Border Patrol is getting a new toy. And I want one.

Border Patrol agents in the agency's San Diego, Yuma and Tucson sectors will soon begin using a more powerful compressed-air gun to fire pepper or ink balls at illegal border crossers during violent confrontations. The device, called an FN 303, can shoot the filled plastic projectiles 225 feet, said Andrea Zortman, a spokeswoman for the agency in Washington, D.C. The pepper-ball launchers currently used by agents have a range of about 60 feet.

Training in how to use the FN 303 has been going on for some time, and the devices will be used in the field within a few months, Zortman said yesterday. They will first be used in San Diego and Arizona because that is where the most violence against agents has occurred, she said. Eventually the air guns will be distributed for use nationwide.

I looked to see if the FN 303 ($800 - $935) is available to civilians.

Alas, this .68 cal baby is not.

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