Saturday, October 13, 2007


Dad's condition continues to worsen. The ICU called us about 0100 hrs this morning and asked if we want them to use heart message if he goes int complete failure. We said yes as we know that he already made it known that he would want us to. He is already intubated and they are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. We realize the end is very near for him. My wife is holding up well so far but the strain is showing and we're doing the best we can.

We have spent a lot of time in the VA this past week and again I want to thank the staff for their excellent care.

I started to put together a site detailing my FIL's war experiences some time ago but held off until now. Stupid of me because Dad is no longer able to respond. I finally got off my ass 'cause it gives me something to do at night while we wait.

I still have a lot to do on it, scan photos, etc. but here it is. It's a work in progress so please bear with me. And yes, I checked a German-English dictionary and Sergeant is an actual German military rank. Feldwebel is another term for this rank.

His kidneys have just about shut down completely. They are going to try dialysis this evening or tomorrow morning. But the shock of the fluid loss/blood volume while the machine purifies his blood could send him into complete failure. We have no choice though. Without it he will be dead in a day or two.

We truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Dad survived the dialysis last night and had another round of dialysis this morning; his BP remains stable. They also removed almost two kilos of fluid this time. He is more responsive but still very weak. He does recognize us though he is only conscious for maybe fifteen minutes at a time.

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