Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Slide Into Dhimmitude Turns Into A Headlong Dive

The Glasgow Daily Record documents just how far the Euroweenies have strayed into Loony Land. A 26 year old Polish goalee, Atur Boruc, playing for the Celtics soccer team was investigated by the police for making the sign of the cross at a match against the Rangers.
Police investigated claims Boruc, 26, angered home fans by making a sign of the cross and other gestures at the start of the second half on February 12.
The "other" gestures were not described. But to involve the police in something like this is unbelieveable.
The Catholic Church in Scotland have condemned the decision to caution the Pole after complaints were made about him crossing himself at Ibrox in February. Kelly, a member of the Catholic Opus Dei organisation, also questioned police action.
The weirdest call I ever got was to a neighborhood where a number of frantic people claimed they witnessed a flying saucer scoot overheard (this occured in the early 80's). And yes I wrote it up and yes the papers had a field day with it. But I wouldn't have the nerve to write up a report accusing someone that they had crossed themselves.
The procurator fiscal decided the Pole's actions had provoked "alarm and crowd trouble" and said he was being cautioned rather than prosecuted for breach of the peace.
A caution is an official finger wagging. Cautions are issued for burglaries and other "minor" felonies.
The Crown Office said it had been in the "public interest" to take action and a more minor incident would have been dealt with informally by police.
And what, pray tell, is a "more minor incident" than this? Obviously a homicide! The British police do not actually report a murder as murder until someone is convicted of it. So it is not a crime until somewhere down the line a jury says so! Making the sign of the cross is more of a concern to the constables then a hacked up corpse.

And we wonder why the UN labeled Scotland as the most violent developed country on the planet! The police are too busy investigating religious expressions rather than violent crime.

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