Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mickey's Gonna Need Some Ice On That

In February 1996, the American Broadcasting Company was purchased by the Walt Disney Corporation, creating a company with combined assets of more than $30 billion and a market capitalization of some $50 billion, making it the world's biggest media and entertainment conglomerate.

According to Michelle Malkins's Hot Air web site, "ABC agrees to edit “Path to 9/11″ after phone call from Clinton." Rush Limbaugh also mentions "See, I told You So" about the projected cave in of ABC regarding "The Path To 9/11."

Clinton allegedly is demanding that certain offensive portions be edited from the miniseries or the whole thing be shelved. There is mention that congressional democrats are also putting alot of pressure on the Walt Disney Corporation to make changes.

It looks like there is a chance that the home office may bend over, lift up their tail and take it up the mousehole for the democrats.

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