Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ya Gotta Love This Guy

John Bolton has just smacked another fool right across his clownish brow. Of course it does not get much mention in the MSM, but just the same it was a thing of beauty.

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Wednesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech at the U.N. calling President George W. Bush "the devil" doesn't deserve a response.

That goes without saying. The only response Chavez needs is a size twelve planted up his arse.

The leftist leader, who has joined Iran in opposing U.S. influence, accused Washington of "domination, exploitation and pillage of peoples of the world."

I would love to see some real domination by the U.S for a change. And some pillaging too, lotsa real actual pillaging, not the wearing of funny hats and fraternity pranks that drives the left bonkers. Maybe my taxes would go down if we exploit the peoples of the world instead of rescuing them from every crackpot that thinks he's a king.

"We're not going to address that kind of comic strip approach to international affairs," Bolton said during a televised press conference.

There may be a few of you (very few) of you who remember the comic strip character, Alley Oop. That's where the remarks of the leader of Venezuela belong.

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