Sunday, May 14, 2006

Testicles. Rope. Tree. Some Assembly Required.

I just got home from church where the virtues and value of godly motherhood and parenting are extolled. Then I'm stunned to read this. Words escape me.

"McKenzie police have charged two Carroll County parents with raping their child.

Jonathan Wayne Goodrum, 19, and Kristina Louise Sawyer, 18, are charged with raping their 1-day-old girl before she was taken home from McKenzie Regional Hospital about six weeks ago, said McKenzie Police Lt. Tim Nanney."

RAPING A CHILD WHO IS ONE DAY OLD??! God forbid if this country ever loses the capacity to be outraged at an atrocity like this.

"Nanney said hospital officials notified police of the possible rape after noticing injuries to the child's rear during a routine examination given before newborns are released from the hospital.

"There were some skin tears in and around the private (back) area of the child," he said. The investigation led to the child's parents, Nanney said, and there was no indication that any hospital worker was involved in the incident."

I simply can't fathom this evil, this... this... this sick, insane focus on self-gratification to the exclusion of all other considerations of humanity and decency. What kind of parents produced this monster??! This man's heart is a foul, stinking, twisted piece of offal that should be ripped out of his chest and burned in the public square.

"Based on the investigation, we ruled out everyone but the mom and the dad," Nanney said.

These are not parents. Even animals do not do this to their young. If these reported events are true, if the investigation and prosecution show that these acts were actually perpetrated....

Then there must be a death penalty imposed. No civilized society can allow these demonic caricatures to survive lest they spawn again.

"The Tennessee Department of Children's Services has placed the baby girl with a relative, Nanney said. The parents are not allowed to have contact with the girl, who is now about 6 weeks old."

The parents should not be allowed to breathe.

"The couple was engaged to be married and was living at the Value Inn Motel on Highland Drive in McKenzie at the time of the incident. Sawyer is a McKenzie native, and Goodrum also has relatives living in Carroll County, though Nanney did not know his hometown."

You couldn't even begin to call this a marriage. A ritualized mating perhaps, a State sanctioned union in hell even, but not a marriage. God had nothing to do with this travesty.

Goodrum is being held in the Carroll County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. Sawyer's bond was reduced to $5,000 after her arraignment. Nanney did not know if she still was being held or had been released."

It sounds like the chances are good that they were on public assistance at the time. If there isn't a lynch party forming in front of the Carroll County jail and a Home Depot sale on hemp rope then I don't know how any Tennessean males can look at themselves in the mirror to shave. String this man up by his testicles first and then by the neck.

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