Friday, May 19, 2006

Mamma Wants A Shootin' Iron

The refrigerator gave up the ghost yesterday so we went shopping for a new one today. The old one gave us almost 25 years of service so it doesn't owe us a dime. We shopped at a few stores and then saw a clearance model that we liked and bought it. we saved $150 from what was offered at another store and we can have it delivered it tomorrow. There is no charge for delivery or for disposing of the old one.

This is a family-owned discount store that has been around for years. It sells large and small appliances, jewelry, cameras...

And guns. Heh.

My wife has rather short arms (proportionate to the rest of her short body) and has a difficult time reaching the trigger on a rifle that has a regular sized stock. I had her "try on" a few at the last gun show but nothing worked. I thought that I would have to buy her a tactical shotgun that has an adjustable stock like an M4 carbine.

So I asked the guy behind the counter if he had something that would remedy this and he produced a Mossberg Bantam in .410. She placed it against her shoulder and voila! perfect fit.

The Bantam has a short stock that is made for young shooters (and short older ones!). But I thought $359 was a bit dear for this so when I got home I went on the web and found that Walmart sells the same weapon for $232. Tomorrow we'll see if Wallyworld has it in stock.

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