Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cookie's Big Adventure

Run over to the Cook Shack Gab & Grub and read this.

Cause then the following will make a lot more sense.

Come and listen to m’ story ‘bout a man named Gene
Cruising under water in a fleet submarine
Then one day he’s trying to blow a little air
Into a high pressure steel derrière.
A sanitary tank that is…
Fulla beans
Submarine ass beans I reckon

Now it won’t flush and Gene’s pumpin’ harder
Sending lotsa pressure into the Piper’s poopy larder.
Building up a force that is close enough to earn
A blown safety valve inside the galley’s urn.
Sit yerself down sailor
Pour a cuppa joe
It’ll be yer last…

So the next thing ya know all hell is breaking loose
With butt torpedoes from every man’s caboose.
With all that pressure every turd is liquefied
“The COB wants ta see ya!” and Cookie nearly died.
Scared he was
Dunno whats happenin’
What's that funky smell …

Well the COB’s like a maniac, he’s in an awful snit.
Screamin’ and yellin’ while he’s covered in s**t.
But Cookie cleaned the mess he made and finally settled down;
And now he’s a blogger of no little renown.
Thanks for stoppin’ by now.
Ya’ll come back.
Ya hear?

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