Friday, May 12, 2006

More Rants

After reading some email from my last post I have to clarify some points.

I have absolutely no problem with Bennito the bean picker. He is trying to better himself and I support his efforts. All my great grandparents were immigrants. After applying for a visa, they came here for the same reason. Not for a free ride but for the opportunity afforded them in a free society.

Poncho the bean cooker is no danger, but many of his thousands, millions of countrymen are. They are shutting down the health and social services systems in all our southern border States. They are filling our prisons. Drugs crossing our borders are poisoning our youth. Militant aliens seek to wrest control of nearly a quarter of our nation's land mass and give it to a foreign government.

We have 12 million people in the country who don't belong here. Get them the hell out! Every other country in the world (except the Euroweenies) would be lining up the illegals and shipping their asses off to prisons and forced labor.

And I'm tired of subsidizing some schmoe's lawn service by paying for Juanita's annual foal dropping. If someone has a shitty job that needs to be done, get 'r done without breaking immigration laws. Or else mow your own friggin' lawn asswipe.

So when you come here, respect me, respect my country by obeying our laws. Don’t come here for the free lunch. It ain’t free.

I’m paying for it.

And as long as I’m paying for it, I reserve my right to say who gets the meat loaf, string beans and mashed potatoes and who gets the bologna sandwich.

There's numbers available at the American embassy nearest you. Grab one and wait your turn Paco!

I don't owe you anything other than the opportunity to leave you alone while you figure out where you want to work, how many kids you're gonna spawn and where you want to be buried.
And while you're here, don't bother me...

I got enough on my plate without listening to your whining bullshit.

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