Monday, May 01, 2006

RIP Tim Laun

I found out at work this morning that Capt. Tim Laun of the Syracuse PD died yesterday. I remember Tim as a rookie when he was in training; he rode with me on the City's south side. I remember the first night we worked. When the shift ended he didn't want to get out of the car. If there was a hot plate and a crapper in the back seat I think he'd still be there. We called him Mode as in mow dee lawn.

If there was anything that you could learn about Tim, it was that he loved being a cop. It was no ordinary love affair, it was a big slobbering wet kiss that he threw at the law enforcement profession every day. He was boundless in his enthusiasm and his energy; if you needed something done, he was the go to guy. His courage and integrity were unquestionable; I don't think there was a mean bone in his body. He would step on some toes and manage to piss people off every now and then, but that was Tim. His last assignment was Commanding Officer of the Special Investigations Division responsibile for narcotics and vice enforcement and he did a great job in a very tough assignment. Ironically he died Sunday while... mowing his lawn.

A Policeman's Prayer

Lord, I ask for courage;
Courage to face and conquer my own fears...
Courage to take me where others will not go.
I ask for strength;
Strength of body to protect others...
Strength of spirit to lead others.
I ask dedication;
Dedication to my job to do it well...
Dedication to my community to keep it safe.
Give me, Lord, concern;
For all those who trust me...
And compassion for those who need me
And, please, Lord, through it all;
Be at my side.

Goodbye Tim.


Olivia said...

I met [and fell in love with] Tim at age 15 and yes, He wanted to a Syracuse Police officer even back then.
Thank you for writing this. I cry every so often and wonder why a man who was doing such good, was taken so young?

sig94 said...

Olivia - we all miss Tim. It was such a shock when I walked into work that morning and heard the news.

One more story - Tim would always carry the biggest cups he could find for whatever he was drinking. The last one was called "Big Purple;" yes - it was a big, purple platic travel mug. Two months prior to his death I was in Bass Pro Shop and saw this humungous Bass Pro trvel mug - 64 fl oz. I bought it as a joke in MArch of 2006 and was going to give it to Tim at the next IMPACT meeting in April. Well, I forgot to bring it to the meeting and thought, "okay - next month."
There was no next month.

That huge Bass Pro mug is still next to my dresser. Never used it. Don't seem right.