Monday, November 24, 2008

You Already Know Why

The local paper reports that a A 20 month old girl was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend. The 20 year old sperm donor father of the infant has this to say:

"I just want to know why," said Imani's father, Lee Jennings Jr., 20, of 607
Park St.

He said he had admonished Cherron Patterson in the summer of 2007 for slapping their daughter in the head to discipline her.

"She would slap her, pop her in the forehead, like no ordinary slap," Jennings said. "She went beyond a disciplinarian."

But after he stopped dating Cherron a year ago, he never suspected that she or Weakfall was abusing the toddler, Jennings said.

"I had no idea," Jennings said.

Now bear this in mind - this psychopath was smacking her 20 month old daughter over a year ago. She was "popping" a six or seven month old infant. In the head. And the idiot baby daddy never suspected that anything was wrong, "I had no idea". This kid's nuts should be cut off and buried in the back yard until either he grows up or the squirrels find them.

What did all the other adults in baby Imani's life do to protect her? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

On Sunday, relatives said they wished they had done more to protect 20-month-old Imani Jennings.

Patterson's boyfriend, Anthony Weakfall Jr., was charged in the beating death of the child.

"I saw (Weakfall) spanking the baby (in the past)," said Amy Patterson, Cherron's mother and Imani's maternal grandmother. "Any place where Imani had bare skin, they'd smack her.

They'd smack her till she screamed and then tell her to shut up. I told Cherron that he (Weakfall) has no business putting his hands on that baby. It's not his child."

Still, she never thought her granddaughter's story would end like this.

Well, not exactly nothing....

On Sunday, Imani Jennings' relatives and members of Mothers Against Gun Violence held a candlelight vigil outside the 124 Fage Ave. home where Syracuse police said Weakfall beat the girl to death over a potty-training accident.

They held a candlelight vigil. How sweet; how caring.
Nothing like a vigil to ease a guilty conscience. Then you can go right back to doing exactly nothing again because you have shown everyone just how much you care. You cared enough to spend two hours holding a candle in front of the house where the child was murdered. Unfortunately you didn't care enough to intervene before the child was killed. Not even an anonymous phone call... That's how much you cared.

The answer to Jenning's question "I just want to know why?" is self evident. Imani is dead because those who supposedly loved her did nothing to protect her. No one called the police or Child Protective to report this behavior. But, Oh, Praise God they held a vigil.

Police said Weakfall spent nearly an hour Friday beating the toddler with a metal rod, a cable cord, bedsprings and his fists. He then left to attend Corcoran High School.

Weakfall -- who was charged Saturday with murder -- was being held Sunday in Hillbrook Detention Center.

Cherron Patterson, a Fowler High student, was not home when her daughter was killed, police said. But police charged the woman with assault and endangering the welfare of her child in a prior incident involving Imani.

The more you read this article, the more you want to scream; Cherron is six months pregnant. It is unknown at this time who the sperm donor is.

Weakfall is being held at Hillbrook Detention because he is a juvenile. The murderous son of a bitch is fifteen years old.

When the culture glamorizes sex and violence, why are people surprised when babies turn up dead? Bill Cosby has tried to address this with little success. Lyrics to degenerate rap songs like "Gimme That Nut" or "Play" are common fare for teens. I don't dare put the lyrics on this blog. The BBC has a list of violent rap songs one of which was written by Snoop Doog, a media darling now. People are rewarded richly for writing this crap that kids listen to.

Is rap music the cause of the viciousness? No, it is symptomatic of a moral collapse that allows such vileness to exist. Add to this the irresponsible behavior of alleged adults who refuse to address a potentially deadly situation and the answer to Jennings question is simple: it happened because you all stood by and did nothing. You all betrayed this child. There's your answer idiot.

The power steering on my wife's car went yesterday and the vehicle was towed to the dealer for warranty work. We drove to the dealer today to pick it up and on our way home we passed the mall where some people were out in traffic with buckets trying to collect money. On the bucket it said "For Needy Children." Talk about trying to capitalize on an outrage.

I got a clue for all you idiot do gooders.

All the stinking buckets in the world chock full of cash won't help "needy" children if you don't get up off your asses, accept some responsibility and do the right thing.

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