Friday, November 28, 2008

Bambi Redux

Bambi chickened out - he never showed up.

We all had a good time nonetheless. We dropped my SIL off on the east side of the woods around 0630 and he started walking southwest to drive the deer towards us (hopefully). We got into the woods at dawn and trudged probably over a quarter mile into the State hunting grounds. The morning was cold and damp so we decided to walk into a half-frozen swamp. Rob and I took positions about 100 yards apart just short of the swamp. We stayed there almost two hours.

Rob saw a single doe but couldn't get a shot off. Neither I nor my SIL saw a deer. Rob had to get home so we were outta there at 0930.

I really enjoyed myself but I realized that my Remmy 1100 is basically a pheasant gun and after not shooting it for about 25 years it now hammers the living daylights out of my not so young shoulder. So I went over to my favorite gun shop and asked to see what they had in a used slug gun.

I first looked at a used Weatherby but it was a smooth bore. Out next popped a Mossie 500 with a ventilated, cantilevered, rifled slug barrel. I picked out a Barska 1.25 x 4.5 to sit on top and we were done.

Next trip was to the range where I put 25 rounds through it. This gun was made for sabot rounds.

The recoil is very comfortable because of the ventilated barrel and a nice thick butt pad. My shoulder killed me after 5 rounds with the 1100. After 25 rounds with the Mossie my shoulder did not hurt at all.

I got it to fire a 4" group at 50 yards.

My SIL and I are going back into the woods tomorow morning again.

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