Monday, January 07, 2008

Saratoga Springs

It is 2230 hrs. and I just drove into Saratoga Springs to attend a two day conference. This is my first time back in Saratoga since the kids bought the wife and I a weekend at a B&B for our 24th anniversary in 2006. I'll leave Wednesday afternoon to return home.

This is a violent crime conference where cops from the 17 largest counties/cities in NYS will share their experience with various crime reduction strategies, listen to research partners present findings on strategy evaluation and consume copius amounts of adult beverages. Years ago these conferences were unbelievable but they have been toned down quite a bit. As I no longer indulge, it will be an early evening for me.

I forgot to bring a sales tax exemption slip from the office so I'll have them fax one to the hotel tomorrow. I hate conferences.

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