Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's A Brand New Year

This was our first Christmas where our family was without any of my wife's parents. Her mom died in 2003 and her dad died in October. But our daughter is home and she has graduated from SUNY Binghamton; she is contemplating graduate school or at least another advanced language immersion course overseas, perhaps Jordan.

We are trying to convince her to stay in the US as there are courses here that accomplish the same purpose, but the cost for them is astronomical; $8,000 for an eight week course as opposed to $3,000 (includes airfare) overseas. She is also looking into government programs where she would attend language courses in the US for a year and then another year in Syria in return for future government service. But at least she will remain home until the fall (we hope). She is working part time with my wife in a medical practice as a clerk for the time being. She just put in her application to do some interpreter work at a local agency downtown.

Our middle daughter is having a surgical procedure performed this coming Friday. Her last pap smear showed cancerous cells in her cervix. Supposedly this is not uncommon but we are concerned just the same. Cervical cancer runs in both my family and my wife's families (our grandmothers). My oldest daughter went through this same procedure for the same cause some years ago. Your prayers are appreciated.

My sister is also going through some separation anxiety. My nephew's naval reserve unit has been activated and he is now stationed in Djibouti. We don't know if or when he is going to Iraq. He is a LT jg in the Sea Bees and his unit is doing humanitarian construction work in the Horn of Africa right now.

My niece is finishing her master's and is currently teaching in the public schools in Maryland. She is very discouraged with trying to teach in the zoos they call schools and is considering working for the DOD, teaching the children of US government employees stationed overseas.

I just lost out on a significant state government posting. I won't go into details but the disappointment was tempered by the knowledge that God has a hand in all things - there is a reason for everything and I trust in His provision. A lot of high ranking law enforcement executives in different agencies were also somewhat put out by this and I was humbled that they thought that highly of me and my qualifications.

In the final analysis, life is good. I have no complaints. I wish the very best for all of you in the New Year.

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