Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cervical Cancer

Yesterday our 20 year old daughter has surgery to remove a small part of her cervix. The doctor is very confident that there are no more lesions. We brought her home and she is up and about but has to take it easy for a week or so. She got scared just before the procedure was performed but the wife and I were there to console and comfort her. We all prayed together in the prep room and remembered that all things are in His control and that He works for our good. We await the results of the biopsy; there were pre-cancerous cells and she had a lot of them..

One thought for our friends out there. The doctor said that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that any woman should die of cervical cancer. It is easily treatable and is caused by a virus. Women should have pap smear tests on a regular basis to check for the precursors of cervical cancer. Our daughter didn't bother getting an appointment with a GYN until her mother insisted. After this scare she is very glad she did and will religiously follow the doctor's (and ours!) instructions on future tests.

If you have a wife/daughter/niece/friend who does not have periodic testing performed, please please please drag her there and sit on her if you have to. Pap smears are inexpensive, it is crazy not to have this done.

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