Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just A Big Hole In The Ground

I'm glad to see the Israelis are still minding the store. From the Jerusalem Post:

The Israel Air Force jets that allegedly infiltrated Syrian airspace early last Thursday apparently bombed an Iranian arms shipment that was being transferred to Hizbullah, CNN reported Tuesday.

[...] CNN said the operation involved ground forces and that the aerial strike left "a great hole in the desert." Although it did not name a specific source, the network cited "US government officials." The jets have been identified by the Turkish authorities as IAF F15Is, Israel's long-range bomber, after fuel tanks were found in Turkish territory.

The CNN report said the IAF's targets were likely weaponry delivered to Syria that was possibly intended for use by Hizbullah.

A big hole in the ground is what should be planted in a lot of mid eastern real estate. The Irani Parliment and military installations come to mind.

CNN's chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, delivered the report and quoted sources saying that Israel was "very happy" with the results of the operation.

Which probably made Ms.Amanpour very unhappy indeed.

Damascus complained to the United Nations about an "aggression and violation of sovereignty," saying Israeli warplanes dropped "military munitions" in Syria, the country's ambassador to the UN said Tuesday.

Is this the same United Nations that ignored Sadams violations for twelve years? Let's see how long before the cries of condemnation erupt from Turtle Bay. Syria has been a conduit for Irani weapons for decades. These weapons then violate Israeli air space, chest space, head space, kidney space, torso space, kindergarten space ....

A US military official described the Israeli incursion as an air strike "deep into Syria" that succeeded in hitting a target. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it was an intelligence issue, said he did not know what that target was.

S'okay. Just another hole in the ground now anyway. Hopefully surrounded by body parts.

Syria has called the incursion a "hostile act," but has been largely silent on the details of what happened. Israeli officials have refused to comment.

Now why would that be? Hard to spin it that the evil Jooooos again bombed a baby formula/organic cookie/happy happy joy joy granola factory out in the middle of Shiitehole Basin, Syria.

During the Second Lebanon War, the IDF discovered a wide range of antitank missiles and short-range rockets being used by Hizbullah that had originated in Syria. Several Iranian-made missiles were also in Hizbullah hands before the war, but these were mostly destroyed by the IDF before being fired at Israel.

That would have been enough for me to turn all of Syria into a giant hole.

Over the upcoming holidays, the IDF will continue to maintain a high level of alert along the Syrian border amid fears that Damascus will respond to the alleged flyover. Defense officials said earlier this week that tensions between the countries had begun to subside, but that there was a need to maintain a high alert "just in case."

Hopefully that high level of alert includes a high level of high explosives "just in case."

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