Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beyond Help?

Last week Syracuse lost it's opener to the Washington Huskies, 42 - 12.

Yesterday SU lost it's second game of the season; a drubbing by Iowa, 35 - 0. From the Post Standard:

In the first half:
The offense did not gain a single first down.

The offense had minus-1 yard of total offense on 21 plays.

Syracuse receivers dropped four passes.

Syracuse linemen had three false start penalties.

Quarterback Andrew Robinson was sacked three times and threw an interception.

Three of four Syracuse players who attempted runs had negative yards.

Even when safety Joe Fields of Syracuse intercepted an Iowa pass and returned it 35 yards to the Iowa 26, the Orange flopped. Pat Shadle's 39-yard field goal attempt was blocked.

During this same period Iowa scored four times.

This is Coach Robinson's third season and it ain't pretty. Nothing seems to be working for the Orangemen. Their record under Coach Robinson thus far? Five and twenty.

How do you fix a mess like this?

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