Saturday, September 08, 2007

Faithful Rotti

A 6 year old Rottweiller named Sebastian died in a smokey trailer fire last night in Oswego County while trying to save the life of a young child. The dog was found on the floor next to the crib of 3 year old Isiah Luhr. The mother, Jennifer Morris, was alerted by the barking of Sebastian and her other dog (a beagle) and got all three of her children safely out of the trailer. Sebastian refused to leave the crib area.

From the Syracuse Post Standard:

"I went out last," said Morris, 35. "I don't think (Sebastian) realized I had the baby. He turned around and went back to Isiah's room.

He wouldn't come out. After firefighters found Sebastian, "A firefighter told me, 'That dog must have really loved your son because he died at his bedside,'" Morris said.

The family escaped the fast moving fire by climbing out a window.

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