Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Welfare State

I want to thank Paul Belien for an extraordinary example of just how screwed up things get under a socialist form of government. This from one of my favorite European blogs, the Brussels Journal:

[...] In 1986 Régnier married Christine Wuest (who is now 38). They have fifteen children, between 19 years and 11 months old. A couple of years later, Christine’s homeless sister Karine Wuest (now 35 years old) came to live with the couple. Soon she fell in love with Serge. Christine consented in her husband taking her sister as a second wife. Serge and Karine have six children, between 10 years and 10 months old.
Fifteen kids between the ages of 19 and 1. You'd think Christine would ready to have her tubes tied and fried before her next baby landslide. But you'd be wrong. And since about 1990 there has been another, younger set of willing tubes in sister Karine for Serge to play with.

All that time, Serge had been meeting his former girlfriend Judith De Leenheer (now 38 years old). When Judith’s marriage broke up – which was not altogether surprising since all her children were Serge’s rather than her husband’s – Serge asked his two wives whether they would mind taking her in. They did not mind. Serge and Judith have nine children, between 18 years and 10 months old.
Serge must have got his notions of family planning by watching the Blue Men bang on all those tubes. Think that this scenario is playing out somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains? You'd be wrong.

They all live together in Serge’s house in Marcinelle, a town in Wallonia, the French-speaking South of Belgium.
Not surprising they speak fwench. And the whole dang kit and caboodle is run on the Beligium taxpayer's dime.

Régnier applied for and received the status of an invalid from Wallonia's generous welfare authorities.
Obviously he is an invalid only from the waist up.

He consequently receives a welfare check of over €1,000 a month. His three wives are all unemployed. Hence, they each get €800 in unemployment benefits.
Serge's women are invalids only from the waist down due to terminal stretch marks. Not a soul in this Fertile Fallopian cluster lifts a finger to support themselves. What a system.

On top of this the family receives €4,000 in child allowances. This makes a grand total of more than €7,400 a month ($9,700 or £4,960) – all of it provided by Belgium’s taxpayers.
The Belgium taxpayer kicks in $116,400 a year to feed, clothe and shelter these welfare rabbits. The only hope for the Belgian nation is that Serge's women run out of female relatives for him to screw. If not, all is lost. Serge's offspring will overrun the Continent by 2045.

All the money matters in the household are taken care of by Serge.
Or by a certain "part" of Serge that is incapable of either holding a pencil or a job.
His wives are only interested in children. They have told the press that they each hope to have another baby in 2007.
And his three wives suspect that he is messing around with a fourth woman. I wonder what ever gave them the idea that he would be faithful to anyone other than himself?

Hillary didn't even get it half right. It takes more than a village; it takes a whole nation of taxpayers to support the slobs who abuse the public in this fashion.
A story like Régnier’s is probably only possible in the south of Belgium, where a man can spend his life in idleness while the taxpayers provide him with enough income to sustain three women and thirty children. Wallonia is a Socialist stronghold which is subsidized by Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of the country.

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