Sunday, December 03, 2006

Polonium - It's What's For Dinner

It seems that more and more people are dying from radiation poisoning, particularly people who piss off the Russian President, Vladimir "Polonium" Putin. From the Australian:
MOSCOW: A former bodyguard to Russian President Vladimir Putin was murdered with a poison that produced symptoms remarkably similar to those that killed former spy Alexander Litvinenko, it emerged yesterday.
It's amazing how these former KGBer's are popping up on autopsy tables all across the world like some kind of hairless, glowing mushroom.
Roman Tsepov died, aged 42, in 2004 after suffering severe radiation sickness brought on by a mystery substance he had ingested with food or drink.
It's a mystery how this crap can be transported and used with seeming impunity. After the death of Alexander Litvinenko we now see polonium 210 showing up in airplanes, restaurants, Italians and widows. Pretty soon it will be showing up on $20 bills along with traces of cocaine.
The case suggests that use of radioactive poisons - similar to the polonium-210 that killed Litvinenko - may be more widespread than previously thought.
I think one of two things will happen. More and more instances where former Russian officials died under mysterious circumstances will come to notice. Or reporters will finally get the picture that they are not dealing with the USA, and halt their inquiries for fear of reprisals. This is Mother Russia. And she can be a psychotic bitch.

Tsepov, nicknamed King of the Shadows, is said to have had several powerful enemies but the identity of his killer has never come to light. Tsepov survived three murder attempts in the 1990s. His friends believe his ties to lucrative businesses in Russia could have made him a target but claim he was not linked to a mafia gang.

In September 2004, he was admitted to Sverdlov hospital in St. Petersburg with severe food poisoning. As in the case of Litvinenko, doctors were baffled as his condition grew worse over the first two weeks. He began to show classic symptoms of radiation sickness: he grew pale, his hair fell out and his white blood cell count fell.

Sounds like he also died from terminal Putinitis.

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