Saturday, September 04, 2010

Wake Up America!

I was over to MAinfo and read her take of a February 19, 2010, Washington Times article on how American tolerance of Islamic excesses will eventually lead to tragedy. I just had to go somewhere with it.

Panel of former Muslims says U.S. needs to "wake up"; over tolerance could hurt USA

Apostasy killing of former Muslims could become widespread in the United States if the U.S. government and Americans don't "wake up," a panel of three former Muslims said on Capitol Hill Thursday.

The talk, hosted by three members of the new civil rights organization Former Muslims United, marked the first public appearance as a self-proclaimed "apostate" of Iranian journalist Amil Imani, one of the founders of the group. Imani and the panel's two other speakers, authors Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan, told the audience that ingrained American religious and ethnic tolerance and myths about Islam are combining to gravely threaten the West.

"Shi'a radical Islam and Wahhabism is coming to this country," Imani said. "There are 6,000 mosques in the United States now. All the money [we] put into gasoline
comes back here and is used in the teaching of hate, violence, etc., etc." in American mosques, he said.

Sultan, who said she regularly gets death threats and emails from people saying they will cut off her fingers and rape her daughters because she left Islam, said it is merely a myth that Islamic terrorists misinterpret 'true' Islam for nefarious purposes.

Westerners "don't want to judge anybody based on their [religion]," Sultan said, "[But] Islam is not a religion. Islam is a very dangerous political ideology. ... There is no such thing as radical Islam and regular Islam or spiritual Islam. ...There is only one Islam."

Islam is like an huge homicidal circus directed by insane clowns. Sure, maybe one or two of the rides are fun but inside the Big Tent, your ass is the main attraction and the Ring Master is a meat grinder named Mohammad.

Once you buy a ticket to the Freak Show you can never leave.

[...] Western governments seem oblivious to the apathy of supposedly legitimate organizations about apostasy killings and the growing ubiquity of fatwa (death warrant) issuances, the panel said.

"A fatwa of death can be issued from any country," Darwish said, citing the 2008 handing down from the Middle East by Al Qaeda of a fatwa on Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders for an "insulting" film Wilders made about the Koran.

"Fatwas are issued on Arab T.V. on a regular basis. ... And these fatwas are following us right here in America. Why we are sleeping and not making a big deal about that is beyond me."

Darwish said if free reign for such practices continues, they "will change the culture in America. (They've) already changed the culture in Europe."

And if you piss someone off and end up on the "It's Your Fatwa, Allah Be Praised Hour" it's not like you can appeal to a Pope or a Council of Elders or Skippy the Grand High Exalted Clown Master. There are thousands and thousands of imams running around the Middle East and parts west punching out fatwas like candy machines at the State Fair rolling out pieces of taffy.
Kachunk. Infidel, we carve meatballs from you.
Kachunk. Infidel, we cut off your hands and feet.
Kachunk. Infidel, we kill you and your children.
Just try to pacify one of these maniacs who get gets his panties all in a wad because you may have once implied that their insane, pedophile prophet did not practice good oral hygiene.

Wake up America!

Mohammad never said that the meek will inherit the earth.
He never said to suffer the little children to come to him.
He never said to love your neighbor as yourself.
He never said that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

What Mohammad did say was this:

Qur'an 9:5 - When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.
Qur'an 22:19 - Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.
Qur'an 9:37 - O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them.
Qur'an 5:33 - Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.
Qur'an 4:89 - But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them.

Are we listening?
When you tolerate anything you imply tacit approval.
Like a Victory Lap Mosque at Ground Zero.


Subvet said...

Saying we don't discriminate on the basis of religion sounds great. But our understanding of religion is that it remains seperate from politics. Islam is no such animal.

Time to wake up.

sig94 said...

Subvet - right on.

Islam is not a religion as we know it - it is a theocracy; it is a complete socio-political-legal-economic package that seeks to completely replace the culture that it conquers. And conquer is the operative expression here. This ain't a bunch of concerned Presbyterians here baby.

Anonymous said...

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Islam is the enemy of Western civilization, which is the enemy of enlightened and progressive liberals. Once Islam has served its purpose, gays and women will put it in its place.

sig94 said...

Nickie - but by then it will be too late for gays and women. Women will disappear beneath the folds of a black burka and gays will get new jobs as ornaments for construction equipment. Women will look like cloth variants of 1956 Buick Roadmasters and gays will look like hellish tinsel.