Thursday, September 02, 2010


I missed it, but last January, CBS News took the unbelievable step (for a liberal news org) of soliciting input from its blog readers on how they rate President Obama.

With President Obama completing his first year in office this week, we are giving you the chance to weigh in on how you think he has done on the job.

Using the following categories of Economy, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Afghanistan, Iraq, Threat of Terrorism, Energy/Environment, Social Issues, Bipartisanship and finally, Overall job approval, you can grade his performance from A to F.

This is the site. Go here to voice your opinion in this unscientific survey.
No registration is required.

His failing grades thus far:
The Economy, F ... 68%
Foreign Policy, F ... 60%
Health Care, F ... 79%
Afghanistan, F ... 32%
Threat of Terrorism, F ... 58%
Energy/Environment, F ... 55%
Social Issues, F ... 59%
Bipartisanship, F ... 78%
Overall Job as President, F ... 64%

His approval ratings (either a grade of A or B) range between 9% and 18% with six out of nine categories at 11% or so. We have no idea on the size of the population that has responded to this site but this survey has been running for over seven months now. Be aware that some of the liberal commentors on this site will make your eyes bleed. One of them is idiotic enough to insist that Republicans are flooding the site to make Obama look bad, as if liberals aren't doing the same trying to improve the ratings.

I have placed a new poll asking you for your opinion of Obama's overall job approval on my sidebar.
Hit it if you will.

And a H/T to Charlie the ChiTown Cop.


Kid said...

Liberals are nothing without childlike fantasy. Every opposing factoid can be easily explained by someone shouting 'I want a cookie!!!"

Fredd said...

Like all childhood play, it's a lot of fun, when somebody else is feeding the quarters into the pinball machine (boy, does this analogy date ME!), but eventually we all grow up and have to face adulthood, pains, unfairness and unpleasantness all, and we end up having to cough up our own quarters to put into the pinball machine, but by the time that happens, we are no longer interested in pinball.

Not so for liberals, oh no. Life is a bowl of cherries, the pinball games go on forever on somebody else's quarters, and those who interfere with that notion are evil. That, of course, would be us, the adults.


sig94 said...

Kid - Liberals are nothing ... period. Their foundation is built on whimsy and popsicles. The first ingredient is imaginary and the second melts away under the heat of scrutiny.

Hey, I kinda like that. Makes me sound as if I know something. From now on I speak in nothing but analogies!

sig94 said...

Fredd - me too. Pinball doesn't give me motion sickness like the video games. And your warning is timely; once the free ride stops there'll be riots.

Kid said...

Pure Poetry :)