Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dirty CFL's

I am getting rid of the few CFL bulbs I have in my house.

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Kid said...


I've already gotten rid of the few we had because it took them too long to provide the required light.

Tossed them in the trash.

sig94 said...

Out they go. Gonna look into those LED lights. Kinda expensive though.

Anonymous said...

Gotta pass this on to my "green" friends.

Anonymous said...

Every CFL that's crapped out on me has gone in the same trash can as the rest of the rubbish around here.

The LEDs cost more up front but last a hell of a lot longer than CFLs or incandescents, and use a lot less energy to produce more light to boot, so they wind up paying for themselves.

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sig94 said...

Nickie - Another "green" betrayal foisted by concerned citizens who have no clue yet demand that we all obey the dictates of their conscience.

sig94 said...

Hi Forger - Those CFL's do not last as long as the manufacturers claim. Yuppers, in the trash. If those maniacs think I'm going to call in a hazmat team for a busted CFL they are out of their minds.

One thing does worry me, the Brits have imbedded some kind of electronic intelligence in their dust bins/recylce bins to alert the garbage police that something is amiss. Will they do that here also? Got to fight this movement.

Like everything else, the LED's will come down in price as more and more people buy them.