Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Al Gore Has Disappeared

You must read this piece over to Red State. It is perhaps the best description of what is happening to the global warming scam I have read. Caleb Howe describes his transformation from a brainwashed youth

When I was 13 years old, science scared me. Not science itself, mind you, but the terrors of the future it foretold. News of the coming dark ages were delivered to our young ears through that most trusted of conduits, a high school science teacher. We’re killing the planet? I was shocked. What a bunch of jerks we all are! I remember so very clearly coming home from school, brow furrowed, and earnestly rebuking my parents for contributing to the destruction of the earth. RECYCLE! LIKE RIGHT NOW!! OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIIIIEEEE!!!!!

to a sceptical adult to a nonbeliever.

So now I’m thirty-five years old, and although I eventually broke free, environmental hysteria has surrounded me ever since that day. And there is no hysteria more rabid than that over man-made global warming (anthropogenic global warming, properly, or AGW). Assuming you haven’t been in an alternate dimension for the last decade or so, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The world is going to be destroyed, Al Gore tells us with the earnestness and oratorical flourish of any panicked 13-year old, if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW!! To which the “global community” replied with a resounding FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!!!!

Al "Chicken Little" Gore and his band of fanatics are in denial mode and are too busy screaming LALALALALA with their fingers in their ears to respond to Senator Inhoye's requests for Congressional hearings into the scam of the century. And while the Brit papers are all over this, little has been heard in the USA regarding the outright lies and falsification of data used to buttress the claims for AGW.And still, that is not all.

In an admission that rocked the British and Australian press and was mostly ignored here in the States, Professor Phil Jones himself has now conceded that the period of medieval global warming, the mere mention of which would have you swiftly decorated by a scarlett letter mere weeks ago, might, in fact, have actually been warmer than the predicted peak of the current warming.

[...]Jones also revealed that a warming period between 1860 and 1880 occurred at a greater rate of increase than what the warmers themselves purport to be the increase of the past 30 years. These are extremely crucial points, as the extent of warming and the possible consequences are what drive any potential legislation such as what was proposed at Copenhagen in 2009.

It will take you a few minutes to read this article but it is well worth the effort. It encapsulates what I have felt for years.


Fredd said...


Big Al Gore didn't get to where he is today by being a stand up guy. If you recall, when running for the presidential nod in 1988, he 'chopped, hoed, stacked, etc. tobacco,' and was on the tobacco industry's side. Then his sister was dying of lung cancer, and he threw the whole industry under the bus.

Lots more of those stories, but the point is that Big Al knows the truth, or more accurate, is a denier-denier (if that makes any sense but you know what I mean), and he is going to keep his head down until most of this Phil Jones flap blows over. Once it does, he will pop up like Punxatawney Phil, lick his finger and stick it into the air to see if the winds of denial are still swirling: if so, he ducks back into his hole for another 6 weeks.

Big Al knows where his bread is buttered, and there's WAY too much dough in the AGW hoax (still) to let it all slip down the drain.

sig94 said...

That's as a good a read as anything else I've read Fred. I am also thinking that perhaps he is holed up thinking that some one would like to rip his head off and crap in it.

Mope said...

Ya know, if we sent out search party, we could find the oaf by following his tracks in the snow. But the real question is how do we find Sig?

sig94 said...

Answer da Yahoo phone Mope.

sig94 said...

Anonymous - I rejected your comment by mistake. Please post it again. Sorry. My aim ain't what it used to be.