Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More From The Religion Of Peace

From the NY Post:

Muslim chaplain 'smuggled' box-cutter blades into jail
Last Updated: 8:38 PM, February 3, 2010
A city Department of Correction Muslim chaplain who served 14 years in prison for murder and robbery was arrested today for carrying three utility blades and a pair of scissors into a lower Manhattan jail — the latest in a series of black eyes for that facility, authorities said.

The chaplain, Zulqarnain Abdu-Shahid, had the utility blades and scissors in his duffel bag when he arrived at the Manhattan Detention Complex in the morning, according to the city Department of Investigation.

The dangerous items were found after an X-ray machine alerted correction officers to the presence of metal in the bag, the DOI said.

[...]Abdu-Shahid was hired as a Muslim imam chaplain by the DOC three years ago tomorrow, and has a salary of $49,471 annually.

State Corrections Department records show that he entered state prison in September 1979 to begin serving a sentence of 15-years-to-life for a second-degree murder and a first-degree robbery committed in Manhattan. He was paroled in August 1993, and finished his parole in August 2001.

According to news accounts at the time, the cleric, a Brooklyn resident then known as Paul Pitts, was convicted with three other defendants in 1979 after the longest criminal trial in New York State Supreme Court history – one year, three months and three days. Pitts and his co-defendants had held up a Harlem supermarket on Dec. 9, 1976, and during the robbery shot and killed a 30-year-old customer named Philip Crawford.

The Post also has learned that his criminal record includes an arrest for sexual assault in Queens, but that case later was dismissed.

Abdu-Shahid’s lawyer, McQueeney, said, "He’s been out of prison since the early ’90s. He’s completely reformed."

Another successful jailhouse conversion.


Subvet said...

"Abdu-Shahid’s lawyer, McQueeney, said, "He’s been out of prison since the early ’90s. He’s completely reformed."

How in Hell can that asshole say that with a straight face?

sig94 said...

Subvet - drink enough kool-aid and you can say anything.

Anonymous said...

It's the same reason that Beltway Bob can spout his bullshit day after day and not have a brain rupture.

Sig, you might like this video.

Opus #6 said...

I followed your blog, sig. I'm going to miss Nicky. I love your stuff. I will have to pop in here more often.

sig94 said...

Forger - the music ain't up my alley but the message is. Thanks.

sig94 said...

Opus - We'll all miss Nickie. For me, GNN was a great fun place to run around and get a little crazy. All you guys are really sharp and it made me sharper.

I hope Rhod and DC and Toast and Nickie and LL and you and we and all of us together can all live together on the same block together and have parties and great adventures together and never grow old together.