Thursday, February 05, 2009

What The Hell??

I've had it.
I mean I've really, really had it.
Don't any of these assholes going up for big time gubmint jobs ever pay their f**king taxes??!!?? What is this?? Is it written in the job specifications for a Cabinet position that you or your spouse have to be a fraud in order to qualify in this administration? Between Clinton and Geithner and Solis and Daschle and Killefer we got ourselves enough fraud to keep a room full of auditors busy for a year. And don't even mention the conflicts of interest that would choke a maggot.

Why am I pissed? I should be enjoying this show of corruption and incompetence.
Case in point.
I had a consulting business back in 2004 that I started in order to take care of a project for the County. I had myself and one part timer on the payroll. I used Galisano's PayChex payroll service to take care of the payroll for me. They did all the deductions and paid all the proper agencies the blood money the State demands in order for anyone to do business in NYS.

Now Paychex was fine, their people were nice, very responsive and I had no problems with them.
The cost of this service was reasonable and I feel they did a good job.
But Paychex didn't pay out enough in taxes. No big deal, some taxes are estimates anyway until the final bill comes in.
But I was short.
I owed NYS a grand total of $1.57 in state unemployment insurance back taxes for 2005.
That's one dollar and fifty-seven cents.
I got the notice in 2006 and forgot about it ... my bad. Really, $1.57? Geesh, can I send you a coupla nice Boston Creme donuts and a kiglie?

Those assholes in Binghamton (where the state enforcement office is located) fined me $55 for that. I was fined thirty-five times the amount of the shortage. That's why I call them assholes.

And now we get a parade of these Democrats, these sons of bitches, parking their limos on Constitution Avenue and hiking their overdrawn and already overpaid asses up before the Senate in order to wrangle a bigger strangle hold on the public teat and at the same time owing everybody in the frigging world money and it's no big deal.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars is nothing to these slobs. They got cooks and caretakers and limos and nursemaids and cabana boys and doily wipers and nannies and every other kind of rented boob in Creation to wipe their asses, cook their meals, shine their shoes, polish their knobs and chase the f**king gophers out of the garden so their damn oganic cucumbers can ripen unmolested and yet they can't pay the freaking taxes on them!

And that grinning jug-eared asshole, that slimy hopey change artist has got these damned thieves circling the Senate in a holding pattern just like a thirsty fleet of 747's over O'Hare; all of them wanting to make a landing so they can taxi over to the taxpayers' fuel farm and gorge themselves at someone else's expense.

Time for another Revolution!

I am so disgusted.

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