Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Chilly Reception

In advance of the 8"-11" of snow we are expecting tomorrow, Ms. Caroline Kennedy did not receive an effusive Upstate welcome this morning.

In fact, from the local news it appeared that she was about as welcome as the heavy snows we're expecting. News Channel 10 has several interviews with people who were less than enthralled about Kennedy's bid for a Senate seat. The same theme seems to resonate - We don't need another warm body with nothing but a last name to represent us.

In addition, Kennedy allegedly blew off Syracuse reporters. I guess when she staryedther upstate "listening tour" she decided that she didn't need to listen to members of the hometown press and electronic media.

This is not the way to ingratiate yourself and become a local media darling unless she feels that she doesn't need any upstate support because:

1) she expects to be appointed by the Governor so who cares what upstate NY thinks, and

2) if and when she runs for the office in 2010, she will have the massive downstate vote so who cares what upstate NY thinks.

Either way, this chick is definitely a NYC elite and who cares what upstate NY thinks?

What do I think? I think it stinks. Another do nothing know nothing society suit who thinks she deserves something.
She is a lawyer but doesn't do any lawyering.
She wrote a book on the Constitution, but has done nothing to defend or strengthen it.
She talks about her father and manages his foundation.
She raises money that is pissed away on liberal causes.
Whatta life.

And while I'm dealing with the Governor's choice for Senator, Gov. Paterson just proposed sweeping increases in taxes and fees to make up the State's deficit - but also increased spending by $1.4 billion. So we're in line for a new Senator whose primary job experience is helping other people piss money away and she'll be appointed by a governor who does the same thing.

Is this a great state or what?

This just showed up.

Kennedy Takes A Beating From Upstate Media
Reporters Jump All Over Mostly Silent Princess Of Camelot

Mayor Of Syracuse Doesn't Offer Endorsement
Who Should Get Senate Gig?

Siena Poll: Cuomo 26, Kennedy 23

NEW YORK (CBS) Caroline Kennedy took a page from Hillary Clinton's playbook and began an upstate listening tour On Wednesday. The road trip included stops in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo to help convince Gov. David Paterson and voters she's the one to replace Clinton in the U.S. Senate.

But it was a tough crowd.

But after meeting with Mayor Matt Driscoll, she ran into a buzz saw -- angry reporters who wanted her to do more talking and less listening. "But you've never held public office so what experience [do you have]?" one reporter asked. Actually, she did speak briefly in Syracuse.

"I wanted to come upstate and meet with Mayor Driscoll and others to tell them about my experience and also learn more about how Washington can help these communities," Kennedy said.

Her quick remarks fell flat. Reporters seemed to feel brushed off and they pursued her out. "You're not going to answer questions at all?" one asked. "Where you headed next?" another demanded.

To the car.

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