Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Ain't Over

It ain't over because the fat hooker hasn't sung yet. The New York Post has a story on possible future developments with Emperor Room VIP and it's platoon of high priced hookers.

March 12, 2008 -- It's the biggest guessing game in town - the identities of at least nine other presumably high-powered, big-bucks johns serviced by Gov. Spitzer's favorite hooker ring.

An explosive possible "black book" - a who's who of well-heeled Emperors Club VIP clients - may be in the possession of federal probers, sources said yesterday.

The feds' sensational criminal complaint listing 10 "clients" allegedly includes a top New York judge and even a former law-enforcement official and longtime pal of the disgraced governor, two sources said.

It may be more than nine. When the story broke I wondered how the clients were numbered. Is it based on their first use of the "escort" service? Income? Importance? Shoe size? Number of girls used at one time? And just who is number one?

If the woman who did the "bookings" kept a database of clients, there's gotta be hundreds or even thousands of names. This is Tanya Hollander, the Booty Booker To The Governor.

For this organization to keep fifty girls on tap I imagine there must be a lot of business.

Who's next to be publicly outed has everyone from Wall Street to the highest echelons of the legal world abuzz.

"The government seized physical evidence . . . computers and records," said Manhattan lawyer Daniel Parker, who is representing the alleged female money genius behind the ring's finances. "What those records are is anybody's guess.

"But anybody who's alleged to have been involved in a high-priced call-girl prostitution ring . . . is probably not only wealthy but may be powerful. Those people probably read The Post. Are they quaking in their boots? Oh, definitely. There also might be a lot of unhappy marital conversations going on tonight."

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the investigator's squad room at the Manhattan office of US Attorney Garcia. The data may have been encrypted, but that's no biggie. The feds can recover it. Eventually the cops will be yanking names and hooting.

The club's johns shelled out at least $1,000 to $5,500 an hour for services from their cream-of-the-crop call girls, who were allegedly handled by two female pimps, Temeka Rachelle Lewis and Tanya Hollander.

I couldn't afford a handshake from these broads. How good looking can they be? Let's take a look.

Here's Kristen, Elliot's fav.

I mean she ain't bad, she's a good looking woman - but over $4,000 for a few hours?

Come on. I would want the house cleaned, the car waxed, the dog walked, the lawn mowed and the yard raked for that kind of money.

And clowns. There ought to be clowns. Don't bother. They're in Albany.

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