Friday, July 21, 2006

Hizbollah, The ROP and Zarqawi's Master Plan

rubble of the safe house. I believe that the intelligence officers uncovered documents that have direct bearing on the deadly situation Israel is facing today in Lebanon and Gaza.

One of these documents starts off thusly:
"The situation and conditions of the resistance in Iraq have reached a point that requires a review of the events and of the work being done inside Iraq. Such a study is needed in order to show the best means to accomplish the required goals, especially that the forces of the National Guard have succeeded in forming an enormous shield protecting the American forces and have reduced substantially the losses that were solely suffered by the American forces. This is in addition to the role, played by the Shi'a (the leadership and masses) by supporting the occupation, working to defeat the resistance and by informing on its elements."
It sounds like the Resistance is on the ropes. The terrorists' practice of spreading murder and mayhem could only go so far to accomplish the goals of Al-Quaeda. Hearts and minds do not necessarily follow slaughter and bloodshed; in fact, it appears that the growing Shia support of the "occupation" is showing that these tactics have the exact opposite effect. The noble sacrifice of our troops is proving to speak much louder than the explosions of IED's and the rattle of small arms.

And noble is the exact word I want to use to describe the efforts of American men and woman in Iraq and Afghanistan. Noble, defined as having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor. American character in conjunction with American force of arms is defeating the likes of OBL and Zarqawi. So they must react in the only way they can, by spreading more death, more fear, more unrest and more instability.

"Consequently, to embroil America in another war against another enemy is the answer that we find to be the most appropriate, and to have a war through a delegate has the following benefits:

1. To occupy the Americans by another front will allow the resistance freedom of movement and alleviate the pressure imposed on it.

2. To dissolve the cohesion between the Americans and the Shi'a will weaken and close this front.

3. To have a loss of trust between the Americans and the Shi'a will cause the Americans to lose many of their spies."

4. To involve both parties, the Americans and the Shi'a, in a war that will result in both parties being losers.

And what better way to involve America in another front then to have Iran's lackies launch an assault against Israel? No nation on earth receives the amount of American largesse that Israel does. Although a fiercely independant nation, Israel could be seen as an American "client state" due to the enormous amount of aid it receives every year.

Almost exactly six weeks after this document was unearthed, Israel faced a sudden onslaught of murder, kidnapping and missile attacks from Hamas and Herbollah. And six weeks would be just long enough to sneak the thousands of additional missiles needed into southern Lebanon (through Syria no less) and to train Hamas/Herbollah scum (I refuse to honor them with the term fighters, insurgents, militants or combatants) in their use. It wasn't enough time to train these goons on how to set up and maintain more advanced military systems such as radar guided anti-ship missile so Iranian troops were needed to assist these types of endeavors.

Zarqawi realizes that since the end of World War II, all hostilities between the major powers have been fought by surrogates on behalf of the communists/statists. This happened in Korea and Viet Nam, in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and is happening again today. Our struggle today is against Islamofacism and its surrogates are Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the alphabet soap of cowards, cut throats and kidnappers.

Zarqawi further defines his intentions:

"Drowning the Americans in another war that will engage many of their forces.

The possibility of acquiring new weapons from the Iranian side, either after the fall of Iran or during the battles."

The last item on his agenda is exactly what happened within the past few days. The anti-ship missiles that struck an Israeli destroyer and an another merchant vessel took military authorities completely by surprise.

In the aforementioned conflicts, the USSR and Red China deployed their surrogates against the West; Iran is now the bankroll for terror and its surrogates have been very busy.

It is time to divert Iran's attention from spreading Islamic terror to simple survival. Iran and it's lunatic leaders have never been presented with the scenario prepared by President Reagan for Col. Muammar "Fresh Skivvies Please" Khadafi. It. Is. Time.

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