Friday, July 28, 2006

Ah Gee Mel!

Drudge Report has a flashing alert up notifying all that:

FOX NEWS has confirmed that actor Mel Gibson has been arrested in Los Angeles County for DUI... DEVELOPING...

It appears that actor, producer, director Mel Gibson may have had a toddy too many. And I'm kinda sad to hear this. I like Mel and his craft. His movies are funny, entertaining as all get out, and in one instance --- profoundly moving.

I appreciate that he is still married to the same woman, in Hollyweird that in itself is quite an achievement. I appreciate that he has a pants load of kids that he cares deeply for. As far as I know, he adheres to the dictates of his religion.

The above items I just cranked off should be the balance for the news that came out today. I hope Mel comes out of this ok and if he has a problem, that he will get help for it. If he doesn't have an abuse issue, then he probably will be more careful in the future. It would be a crying shame to lose him in a DUI related accident. I wish him and his family well.

I knew it wouldn't take long
. As soon as a dog squats and leaves a calling card on your front lawn the flies show up. And as soon as Gibson's arrest is on a website the moonbats show up. You'd think from their comments that he drove his car into their livingrooms and killed grandma.

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