Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Faces Of Iraq

The High Desert Wanderer is posting photographs of Iraq taken by Sgt. R.L. Klika, a military photographer. The photos are compelling and deserve some attention. Here is his story:

This is my second consecutive tour of Iraq. My title this time is Non Commissioned Officer in charge of Team Bravo of the 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment of the Tennessee Army National Guard. We are a team of 20 Soldiers who record history for the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell Ky. My team of five covers the famed “RAKKASANS”. We go where they go.

Prior to joining the National Guard, I worked for several large newspapers on the West and East Coast. Prior to that, I was a Combat Photographer for eight of the twelve years I spent in the Marine Corps...

Part of my desire to be a photographer is because I like people. I enjoy documenting the missions we go out on but sometimes it is very overwhelming, because the missions are so quick. You have to pick a direction and run with it or you get nothing. To enter into the flow of peoples lives and to find that unexpected moment or the essential soul peeking out is an everyday challenge...

I have three sons, one of which just recently graduated from Army Basic Training, the other two live in Texas. This coming October my tour will end here. I will go visit my sons for a few weeks and then will embark on a journey to China to photograph the countryside for a few months. That’s all I have…Enjoy the photos.

So give HDW a look see and post something to let Sgt Klika know his work is appreciated and that we pray for his safe return home.

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