Thursday, June 15, 2006

I've Been Busy

I am almost done with several woodworking projects. In one project I helped my son in law with a canoe/kayak trailer that he is building for our pastor (an avid outdoors man who loves to paddle off into the wilderness). The trailor base was made from a old pop up camper. My son in law is a very accomplished fabricator and constructed it in a modular design so it can be put away for storage. It was painted last night. The trailer will hold up to five canoes and we needed a large box to store the oars for each craft. We finished the box this evening but it is so heavy, the two of us had to struggle a bit to pick it up. We constructed it from 5/4 inch pressure treated decking and made the mending plates and angle irons from steel plate. This Sunday is our church's Pastor Appreciation Day and we'll give the trailer to him then.

My other project is making a wooden replica of an AR-15 as a rubber band gun for my grandson. The glue is drying now and tomorrow I'll put on the front sight. My grandson's birthday is Friday, he will be six. I used my own rifle as a template and downsized it for a six year old with a shorter butt stock, pistol grip and receiver. It will use a 6" rubber band and it will be deadly.

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