Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's Still Treason By Any Definition

Patriotism is more than acknowledging our veterans and expressing appreciation for their sacrifices. It is more than waving the flag, though it does embody all these acts. It is an attitude that makes us want to do these things. Patriotism – Love Of Country - is also a means of self-defense. It is an awareness of national identity, a sense that you belong to a unique set of communities that exist no where else. It is love for fellow countrymen, love of the ideals and the culture that establishes us as a nation apart from every other.

And it must be taught as any other defensive skill and practiced diligently; first, in the home and then in our schools and communities. It must be reflected in the body politic from the weekly community news letter to the major media outlets and entertainment releases. It is here that the attack has been so fulsome and persistent.

Clueless people like the Dixie Chicks’ Maines, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda and so many others may indeed one day be forced to defend themselves out of a sense of self-preservation when backed against a wall, but then it is too late. They will never respond when the sound of guns is far off in the distance. And that is the time when a patriot will shrug off his day to day responsibilities, kiss his wife and kids good bye, shoulder his rifle and match off to where danger is most prevalent, where gunfire is the loudest and the screams of dying men fill the air. During WWII and previous conflicts our armies were filled with men and women who faced the challenge and they were supported by a nation who reflected the same sense of sacrifice.

Perhaps no longer. While our armies are still filled with such people, our nation no longer appears to be. Perhaps I am wrong, I pray that I am wrong. Our schools reek of multiculturalism and love of God and Country has all but disappeared. Illegals control our borders and now seem to be controlling our foreign policy.

The likes of Maines, et al are not even fair weather patriots who show up for parades on sunny, pleasant days. They are traitors who drag the spirit of this nation down. They are defeatists, willing antagonists in the propaganda war that targets the destruction of the will of the American people to resist evil. Such words and deeds would have received severe punishment, perhaps even a lynching, not that long ago. And they would have richly deserved such a fate.

The diaries of Vietnamese generals have revealed that they were soundly defeated, utterly routed during the Tet Offensive of 1968, so much so that it took them three years to rebuild their forces. The words of these leaders indicate that they were on the ropes, disheartened and ready to sue for peace. Yet traitors such as Walter Cronkite reversed the fortunes of that battle and made Americans believe that it was our forces who had been defeated. We defeated ourselves aided by traitors such as Cronkite and Fonda.

Cronkite and his ilk should be brought to the Vietnam Veterans’ Monument and hanged. Let their rotting, twisting carcasses remind the nation that words do mean something and that there is a cost that brave men have borne for the lies of the leftists.

Let these traitors receive the same measure.

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