Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Blast Off

I was schlepping around over to subvet's joint where I read that:

The Acting Administrator of NASA and the Equal Opportunity Programs Office at Goddard Space Flight Center have encouraged agency employees to take part in “LGBT Pride Month,” leading to criticism that the action takes the space agency “completely off-mission” and promotes homosexual activism.

This is part of Obama's stimulus plan. He wants the nation's perverts to get as stimulated as possible.

The NASA administrator, Acting Chief Christopher J. Scolese, emailed his subordinates instructing them to:

“Take time to learn about the contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, and celebrate the diversity that has helped shape and strengthen NASA and our nation.”

Learn about their contributions? You can learn all you want to know, and then some, just by bending over in the shower room of any one of our nation's correctional facilities.

And how has this diversity strengthened anything other than HIV testing procedures at blood donor sites?

Maybe the "wide stance launch mode" is more popular than we imagined in some of NASA's men's rooms.

The story was broken by the CNA, here.


FORGER said...

How does any of this bullshit help get us back to the moon?? Show me the homo who invented velcro or the pressurized ink pen for writing in Zero-G*, or some other GeeWhizz gizmo that helped us get to the moon in the first place.

Fuck the dumb shit and get back to work. You're Rocket Scientists... Build rockets and do some science!

(*Instead of spending a truck load of money to invent a Zero-G pen, the Russians, being the practical people they are, used #2 pencils.)

USA_Admiral said...

Liberal politics in everything today. It makes we want to puke.

sig94 said...

#2 pencils.... mebbe the astronauts had a thing against releasing pencil shavings into orbit?

Mope said...


"Show me the homo who invented velcro"

Velcro was invented by some turd world Mooselimb type that wanted to keep his girlfriend from running away from him. He created velcro chaps.

I know... that was BAAAAAHHHHd