Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Tired

As a professional I am driven to succeed by a strong ethical motivation.

As a taxpayer, I am ridden to ruination by a bunch of worthless parasites too lazy to fend for themselves.

Soon every hardworking taxpayer will be supporting ten or eleven deadbeats.
I feel just like this...

Go ahead, count 'em.


Diller said...

Great comparison,after a lifetime of working,paying taxes,trying to make a better life for my family,at 66yrs,I wonder why I even keep trying,I've obviously outlived my time.

sig94 said...

No you haven't, Diller. We keep plugging away; that's what men do.

SoCalOilMan said...

I'm PO'd, even my boy is PO'd, and he hasn't even payed taxes yet, but he sees where it's all leading.

Once he starts getting established he's going to get penalized for it and so are his kids.

USA_Admiral said...

Very good post.

I expect this to bite them in the ass very soon. Then we will fix the mess, If we have the time.