Friday, June 19, 2009

Window Shopping

I went to the range today to fire my S&W Model 1917; on the way I stopped in at the gun shop down the street. They're remodeling the entire place, opening it up for more display space and putting out more stock.

They have these two items out on display now. They weren't there six weeks ago when I last stopped in.

The top one is a MG-42, a semiauto version of the German Army's belt fed 7.92 mm, 1,200 to 1,500 rpm machine gun. Yours for $3,600. The front sight is used to change the cycle rate of the gun.

Next to the MG-42 there is a wheel-mounted MG - a WWII SG-43 Goryunov - 7.62 x 54mm belt fed semiautomatic version. The shield has two dents in it that look like they were caused by gun fire. Below is a better picture of the weapon from this site.

While wandering around the shop's disarray, I picked up a used shoulder holster for my 1911.

I am also looking at a used Glock model 30. I just can't seem to stay away from the .45's.


Euripides said...

Glock is a solid gun, but I find the grip angle too spread for the way I shoot tactical. I prefer the Springfield XD. It's pretty smooth.

sig94 said...

Hmmm. The XD is nice, I have never held one. I carried the S&W 4506 as a duty gun for almost a decade and never really liked it. I wish I could find a shop around here that had a test range where you could actually fire a range gun of teh model you were interested in before you bought the new one.

Thirty years ago (1977 or so)I bought a S&W mod. 59 but traded it in a few months later because I just didn't like the way it shot. My all time fav for fit and accuracy is the 1911. I just love my Kimber. But it is a bit large for concealed carry and that's why the mod 30 is on the pruchase radar right now. I had a Beretta mini Cougar but the dang thing kept slinging lead to the left (4" at 25 yards) and it drove me nuts. Nice carry piece though.

Euripides said...

I like shooting Kimbers as well. Have you tried the Kimber Tactical Pro or Ultra to carry? They're certainly a bit pricier than the Springfields.

Shame you don't have a range to test fire and get a feel for the gun. We've got one just down the street. They'll rent out just about any gun in the shop.

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