Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Stuff

Chastity Bono, the daughter son of Sonny and Cher, has decided that she he is a him and will undergo "gender reassignment." Him's first name from now on will now be Bob.

An Italian woman who was late for her flight, thus avoiding death on the ill fated Flight 447 last week, has been killed in a car accident.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from Bolzano-Bozen province, had been on holiday in Brazil with her husband Kurt and missed Air France Flight 447 after turning up late at Rio de Janeiro airport on May 31.

[...] It said that Ms Ganthaler died when their car veered across a road in Kufstein, Austria, and swerved into an oncoming truck. Her husband was seriously injured.

The plate number on the truck that she hit was SORYIMISEDU-447. Strange, very strange indeed.

An English student, who was attacked by three thugs who cut one of his ears off, had the ear reattached ... to his stomache.

Because the ear was not found for 17 hours, surgeons could not immediately reattach it.

Instead, doctors stitched it inside his stomach so some of the tissue will re-grow. The plan is to then reconstruct the ear using some of the cartilage from 26-year-old Mr Gibbs's ribcage.

Nothing funny here.

And from the KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea:

Ambassador Daulat Hotma Audison Passaribu and staff members of the Indonesian embassy here did a friendly work at the DPRK-Indonesia Friendship Yaksu Co-op Farm in Kangso County, South Phyongan Province, Wednesday.

They helped farmers in weeding a maize field.

During a break they sang songs and conversed with farmers, deepening the friendship.

They handed aid materials to the farm.

After they did their friendly work and sang maize infected songs the Ambassador and his staff were shot.


USA_Admiral said...

Headlines and news stories are not like I remember. Too much strangeness anymore. I have to be careful what I read.

FORGER said...

Mebbe Bob Bono can get a job at NASA.

Death really had it in for Mrs. Ganthaler. Mr. Ganthaler would have been collateral damage had they made the flight.

Nothing funny 'ere. /english accent FIFY

sig94 said...

Strange that.

JihadGene said...

A happy North Korean is a starving and singing North Korean.