Sunday, June 07, 2009

In The Land Of Hookers

Really, why play with yourself in the Land O' Cheap Hookers?

David Carradine's death in Bangkok should probably be classified as "sexual misadventure" and let his relatives retire into the shadows to deal with the grief and shame.

Law enforcement has been dealing with these kinds of deaths for decades. I remember when the first local case happened in the early-80's when a 12 year old boy hung himself with a jump rope while amusing himself over a lingerie catalogue. It is called auto-erotic asphyxiation.

We also had a suspicious death in the late 70's where a half naked victim was found with a thin cord wrapped around his neck; the body was dumped outside the city. Allegedly the victim was attending a party when the "accident" occured. This is called "asphyxiaphilia" when two people are involved and one is depriving the other of oxygen - more commonly referred to as choking.

Supposedly this activity heightens the sexual experience. I have absolutely no idea if this is true and I have no interest in obtaining first hand knowledge.

As evidence technicians we have to respond to all kinds of embarrassing investigations, - embarrassing to the family - when brother, dad or grand dad checks out in the middle of something that they would rather their family not find out.

This is a dangerous activity as there is only a three minute window to restore Oh Two to the chokee. Anything after that and there will most likely be brain damage - or death.

Which brings me to this point. Why in the world did a guy like Carradine bother with this auto erotic stuff when he had easy and inexpensive access to any number of prostitutes?

There are on line instruction manuals on how to get laid in Thailand for crying out loud. There are Thai bars that openly advertise for perverts. A short time girl (2 - 3 hours) will run 350 baht. A baht is just under 3 cents.

Do the math (it's less than $3.50) - so for five bucks you can have a Happy Meal ™ too.

Leave the jump rope at home in the kids' toy box.

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