Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey, It's An Award

I am not sure what this means. Either someone peeled a banana and got hit with a hammer or they got into an scrap with a honest carpenter and got the daylights beat out of them. In any event I have to acknowledge the award from Subvet (thank you!) and then write ten honest things about myself.

I am a standard issue guy, not many frills and prone to repairs after I hit 75,000 miles.

1) I was divorced in my early twenties and remarried at age 32. My first is on her fourth.
2) I have a daughter from my first marriage and three daughters from my second marriage.
3) I think my boy nut is dead.
4) I like steak and potatoes and cornonacob. I had some last night, yummmm.
5) I do not have any allergies.
6) I am Baptist now, formerly Catholic.
7) I am named after my grandfather.
8) On second thought, my boy nut may just be gay.
9) I do not have much patience.
11) I do not count very well.

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