Monday, June 15, 2009

The Crazy Aunt

The nanny state is never satisfied. Like an insane aunt who finally escapes from the attic and screams at her nephews not to run with sissors, the Brits are now examining a knife that makes it very difficult to stab someone. All the designer did was round off the pointy end so you have to really work at it to stab someone to death. The assailant will have to pound the knife into your chest. Or just use the sharp cutting edge to slit your throat. And it will cost about $73 (45 English pounds).

Do you have any idea how long it woud take me to put a sharp point on that knife with a grind stone? I figure my basement electric grinder could do the job in less than twenty seconds. It would take longer to refinish the edge on my lawnmower blade.


Euripides said...

Oh for pity's sake. This is as stupid an idea as I've seen.

Subvet said...

Like all liberal ideas it isn't designed to make sense, just to insure some nitwit feels good.

USA_Admiral said...

And somebody gets rich by selling worthless Anti-Stab knives. The world has gone insane.

SoCalOilMan said...

Thank God they have finally solved the knife problem. I was sure all threats to life were solved when they finally got rid of those nasty guns, and even though there are still a few out there clinging to those WMD's and injuring and killing unfortunate souls that are just looking to see if they can find some food that you own...or something to sell (so they can get some food) they get shot.

What is this world coming to???!?!?

You know forks have multiple pointy ends on them and they could be used to hurt someone. Maybe somone can come up with an anti-stabby fork to solve this potential danger.

$74 for a knife that doesn't work...G-d, I hope Britain sinks into the sea before it humiliates itself anymore