Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ Is Dead - Now Let's Get Back To Business

Michael Jackson was rushed to a UCLA hospital this afternoon in cardiac arrest. So sayeth the media. And now it's All Michael Jackson All The Time.

FNC is now the MJ News Channel. They pried Geraldo away from his dinner taco and stuck him in front of a camera so he could comment on what he doesn't know about Jackson's condition.

The House is getting ready to vote on a climate bill that will cripple American industry and screw up our utility bills for years. And it will accomplish exactly nothing.

Obama is trying to pass health care legislation that Congressman, Senators and union members are exempt from. It will put our very lives in the hands of government bureaucrats who couldn't give a shit about whether we live or die.

And MJ rules the airwaves now. What a buncha crap. I cannot stand this celebrity obsessive compulsive behavior on behalf of the media.

Okay, Jackson is dead. Let's say a quiet prayer that our children never fall into the same tormented, screwed up, self absorbed lifestyle. He is to be pitied.

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Diller said...

Your are so right about that so called energy bill,it will put the final nail in the coffin,of most American small businesses and most all family farms and ranches.I was sorry to hear about Farrah. The sickening MSM coverage of a sicko,makes me sick.